What Does A Typical Tyre Recycling Plant Project Cost?

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Some of the businesses that you can start in the industrial sector may cost you millions of dollars to begin. You need to have the right equipment, tools, and you also need to pay for the workers that will be employed by you. Starting a business is seldom and inexpensive process, but there are ways of starting one that is not as expensive as you would imagine. In fact, some of them can be extremely profitable, within a few years of selling the products that you will produce. One of those is investing in a pyrolysis plant that can produce a substantial amount of biofuel and charcoal. If this is something you would like to consider doing, here is a brief overview of how much a waste tyre recycling plant project cost.

Tyre Recycling Plant
Tyre Recycling Plant

What We You Need To Start This Type Of The Business?

If you do want to start this business, you are likely going to need a couple hundred thousand dollars in American money. This will allow you to get a sizable pyrolysis plant, one that will help you go through thousands of tires on a weekly basis. The larger the plant is, the more you will be able to make, but you do need to set up buyers. You should do some preliminary research on potential buyers in your area, or even outside of your area, that will want to buy the charcoal and bio oil that you will be making daily.

The Cost Of Setting Everything Up

The cost of setting this business up will continue as you hire a contractor to put everything together. When it is shipped to you, it will come in containers, as well as on flatbed trucks. The cost of setting this up could be another hundred thousand dollars, and it may take three or four weeks to complete. Once that is done, you will then be able to start processing the rubber, converting it into these burnable fuels, which you can then sell to the vendors you have already set up.

larger pyrolysis plants
Larger pyrolysis plants

How Long Will It Take To Pay Off Your Initial Investment?

The initial investment that you make can be paid off within a few years if you do have an extremely large amount of tires to process. This could work with a landfill, or if you are in charge of a municipal solid waste company, you may have several thousand tires coming in on a weekly basis. If that is the case, then you certainly should invest in one of the larger pyrolysis plants that can handle this type of volume. The larger that your investment is, the larger the pyrolysis plant will be, and the faster your profits will be made.

If your goal is to get an estimate on a tyre recycling plant project cost, you can do this yourself in just a few minutes. You will soon have the numbers that you need to make a logical decision. For those that have done this before, you know that this business can be profitable. You may even want to consider investing in more than one pyrolysis plant if you have that many tires that you can go through to generate a profit.

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