How Solid Waste Segregation Machine Can Manage Garbage

Waste Sorting Machine

With the increase in population, one of the most serious problems for municipalities across the world has been on how to deal with household garbage. Though the streets that you walk through and the malls that you visit may seem to be tidy, there are places where you would think a thousand times before setting your foot on – landfills and sea-fills! The waste sorting machine is a great way to recycle these waste.

High-quality Solid Waste Sorting Equipment
High-quality Solid Waste Sorting Equipment

The problem in Indonesia

Indonesia is the second largest producer of plastic waste by generating 3.2 million tonnes annually.

With a population of a little over a quarter of a billion, it is becoming difficult to deal with the daily waste that is being generated. Add to that, the problem of transporting tons of waste materials from thousands of islands to a centralised waste sorting facility. A solid waste segregation machine manufacturer Indonesia can only come to the rescue of the country.

Landfills, fermentation, composting, etc. are some of the major ways through which garbage is disposed off. All of them have their advantages and drawbacks. The garbage that a municipality collects consists of a variety of household and commercial waste. These include plastic, cardboard, clothes, broken glasses and dust particles. While these are only a few that have been mentioned, each of these need to be recycled or disposed off differently. Waste sorting machine manufacturer Indonesia can help solve the major problem of waste segregation. You can visit to find some answers.

waste sorting is one of the primary methods through which the garbage is segregated into different categories and sent for further processing. It separates the waste into dry waste like plastic, wood, metals and wet like organic waste. The categories could be more, depending upon the configuration of the sorting machine.

Beston Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine for Sale
Beston Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

Let us have a look how a typical solid waste segregation machine works

The waste is collected from households and brought to the waste sorting facility. Trucks that carry these household and commercial wastes, dump them to a waste segregation area. Here the waste is manually segregated by workers and items like cloth, wood and paper are taken out. The residual waste is then forwarded to the plate feeder.

Plate feeder and bag breaking – This feeds the raw materials to the solid waste segregation machine. The plate feeder carries the raw materials to a uniform distribution machine which evenly spreads the waste on conveyor belt. A garbage breaking machine breaks up the garbage bags so that they can be processed with better ease.

Fan and Air Channel – The waste passes through a fan and air channel which separates the light weight materials like plastic, cans, etc. This makes the task of further processing of waste materials more smooth. Most waste sorting machine manufacturer Indonesia have this channel installed in their machines..

Magnetic Separator Channel – After the light weight materials have been separated, the leftover waste passes through a magnetic separator. The magnetic separator pulls out metals like iron, coins, batteries and other metals. These metals are pulled out and sent to metal recycling units for processing.

Hydraulic packing machine – The plastic waste that has been separated is carried to a hydraulic packing machine which compresses the plastic waste into small tidy units. This makes it easier for the plastic waste to be transported for further recycling purpose.

Comprehensive suction machine – A suction machine divides the larger waste materials into three categories – light plastic waste, solid heavy substances ( stones, shoes, glasses, etc.) and secondary heavy substances (big plastic waste, wet paper, textiles, etc.). This is one of the key features of a sorting machine.

Rotating screening machine – This helps to identify and separate the organic waste. Vegetables, fruit residuals, plant, leaves and other biomass materials are pulled out. These organic waste materials can be used for making charcoal powder or composting.

This is how a typical solid waste segregation machine identifies and processes different categories of waste materials. A complex system of machine and labour systematically processes the garbage and helps in recycling of reusable products. These machines are becoming more and more popular in developing countries. The ease with which they can be operated is convenient.

Indonesia being an island nation, needs to give precedence to proper disposal of municipal waste. Waste sorting machine manufacturer in Indonesia can supply machines that can be used to make Indonesia and its environment greener and better. View more info:

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