Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale to Recycle Waste Tire

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Beston Machinery is one of the global leaders in the designing and manufacture of tyre pyrolysis plant for sale among other numerous waste management solutions. We recognize the impact of pollution on the environment and consequently have developed machines that seek to address the increasing environmental challenges particularly global warming. The tyre pyrolysis machine facilitates the recycling of waste tyres into useful products such as steel wire, carbon black, and tyre oil. Our advanced waste tyres pyrolysis plant also has capabilities of recycling waste plastics, oil sludge, and waste rubber into oil which is used as industrial fuel in machines that do not require high-quality pure oil. The tyre oil is highly cost-efficient as it greatly reduces the cost of fuel. Tyre oil is also more environmentally friendly as compared to natural gas as it is produced through an environmentally friendly approach that does not pollute the environment as compared to natural gas.

Tyre pyrolysis machine in Indonesia
Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Machine in Indonesia

Experience and Expertise

Our experience and expertise has seen the company design, develop and supply tyre pyrolysis plants across many different countries including Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, and South Korea among other countries. We have gained high acclaim in the countries we have supplied to, due to our advanced technologies which ensure higher efficiencies and reduces costs and there guarantee greater returns on investments. Consequently, we often get customer referrals as a result of our reputable customer service. Know specifications from https://bestonturkey.com/pyrolysis-machine-for-sale/.

The Advantages of Purchasing the Beston Machinery Tyre Pyrolysis Machine Include

High efficiency

Our continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale which can work continuously for over 24 hours a day enhance productivity as it produces more oil and hence guaranteeing quicker returns. It also reduces the cost of heating since any excess combustible gas is utilized in heating the reactor and therefore saves fuel. Besides, you can add catalysts to further speed up the output. Our advanced horizontal condenser also increases efficiency due to the ability to condense even the lightest oil gases into liquid oil hence increasing productivity. Further, the condenser is significantly smaller as compared to other condenser and therefore occupies less space.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Beston Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale with High Quality

Safe and Environmental Friendly

Beston Machinery tyre pyrolysis plant for sale are equipped with state of the art safety devices including thermometers, safety valves, and electric control systems that minimize the risk to the operators or the environment. The overheating and excess pressure alarm are particularly critical as it significantly reduces the possibility of accidents. The plants are also sealed to prevent an explosion. Besides, our safety and quality management experts ensure proper training of the operators on the various aspects of the operations of the plant. They particularly emphasize the use of fire protective clothing always. This minimizes the occurrence of incidences as all hazards are addressed. Our dedusting systems ensure there are no sulfur emissions even during the discharge process. Our machines also do not produce smoke or odor and are therefore completely safe to the operators.

A Variety of Unique Designs

The tyre pyrolysis plant for sale is also available in different and unique designs depending on the customer’s needs. For instance, there are two options for the pyrolysis reactor. The rotating pyrolysis reactor distributes heat uniformly around the reactor which greatly enhance the process of oil production as well as the service life of the reactor consequently increasing revenue generation. It also has a relatively simple structure and therefore can easily be modified and is highly popular among small-scale manufacturers. Conversely, the fixed pyrolysis reactor which is also referred to as a fully continuously is ideal for large scare manufacturers and can run for 24 hours. It speeds up the pyrolysis process due to the greater oil yield. Consequently, this greatly reduces the cost of the plants as the investors only get the machine that effectively meets the needs. Further, our machine meets various international standards and can, therefore, be used barely everywhere across the globe. Our machines can also be easily modified according to the specifications of our clients while still maintaining great standards.

Customer Service

We are recognized globally for excellent customer services and our team of technical experts is always on hand to train your operators in the operation of the tyre pyrolysis plant to ensure maximum efficiency. Our customer service team is also always at hand to offer vital guidance on which machine fits your needs. Beston China offers the machine with the latest design which is worthy of your investment.

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